A Day in The Life of California

Only a book such as this could possibly portray the very diverse cultures and life styles found in the large state of California. The book opens with pictures of early morning activities, such as people getting out of bed, their wake-up routines, traffic jams on the Golden Gate Bridge and children on a school bus photography tips and tricks iphone in one of the rural school districts. Camp Pendleton, the largest Marine base in the United States, is shown as the inhabitants get their morning exercise run.

Many photographers are of the different modes of living such as the beach bunnies and surfers in the southern part of the state. Many blue-collar activities are shown, such as painters on the photography tips mountains Bridge, longshoremen in Oakland and calves being branded. Since agriculture fills a large part in the lives of many people and covers a large portion of the state, pictures were taken from the strawberry harvests in San Diego County to the San Joaquin Valley – said to be the most fertile valley in North America – to Napa and Sonoma counties, the famous wine county. (California produces 90 per cent of America’s wine.) Cults and religions, with their many meeting places, were also shown. Some of them are famous; others unique in their own way. All have their various followers.


From the southern to the northern border, the areas have their own identities and their own way of life. Each was faithfully photographed. The many colleges and universities, well known for their educational products, received attention. A photo essay covered a female detective with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. These and many more capture this unusual state of California.

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