Brad Stroman

North Carolina painter, Brad Stroman, brings an unusual sense of abstraction and realism to his art. In Brad’s words, “as a contemporary painter I continually challenge myself to create thought provoking compositions based on our environment.” The acrylic paintings on masonite are highly textural and finely detailed. Brad’s tromp l’oeil technique adds great visual excitement to each painting.

Norma Malerich

Morning Star Gallery takes special pleasure in bringing you the art of Norma Malerich, whose paintings, assemblages, and mixed media wall hangings have graced the gallery walls since 1988. Norma’s creative spirit was cultivated in Italy and Japan where she lived for many years. Ms. Malerich currently divides her time between Ohio and Florida, and paints, paints, paints! Please request photos of her current work at Morning Star Gallery.


Greg Osterhaus

The rural south is depicted eloquently and passionately in the oil paintings of Greg Osterhaus. From moody to brilliant, Greg’s use of color affords him unlimited freedom to create on his canvas a world rich with life yet seemingly untouched. “Paintings are as much about the paint as they are about the subject matter,” explains the artist. His impressionistic style invites the viewer in, and allows others to share his vision of the south and it’s inhabitants.

Trena McNabb

“STORY telling is closely analogous to my work. Each painting is actually a connected series of smaller paintings that tell a story…The basic MEDIUM is water-proof, color-fast durable acrylic paint on canvas. The STYLE of much of my paintings employs a technique which allows the un-painted warm canvas to show through the surrounding painted areas to form a unique image. These and vibrant color areas are frequently contrasted with stark white negative spaces..” Trena McNabb

Jill Flinn

“The most rewarding aspect of my work is the customers’ positive reaction to it. So much so, that in addition to purchasing one or more pieces, some customers tell me that they were inspired to take in that stray or abandoned dog or cat that they found.”
Ms. Flinn’s award winning art has received much critical acclaim. Jill believes that by bringing joy to her viewers, her art serves as an inspiration to share that joy with others, whether of the same species or not.

Linda Griffin

Linda Griffin’s watercolors have received honors for many years. She is an accomplished painter of flowers and landscapes, and has enjoyed painting on commission. Linda’s most recent work in watercolor features abstract compositions in jewel-like color combinations.
She is an award – winning member of the North Carolina Watercolor Society. Morning Star Gallery shows Linda’s originals as well as her prints.

Norma Fowler

Norma Fowler comes to Morning Star Gallery by way of North Tahoe Artists Association where she served as Executive Director. Besides painting full time, Norma has also taught art and arranged art shows and exhibitions.
Norma’s fluid and expressive paintings allow her to share her adventuresome, creative spirit. She says, “painting for me is putting colors from my heart and soul onto paper or canvas. Painting … allows me to express myself from the interior without words.” Norma is a resident of the North Carolina High Country..